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 Kicker ZR240 for sale

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Kicker ZR240 for sale Empty
PostSubject: Kicker ZR240 for sale   Kicker ZR240 for sale Empty3/10/2011, 7:00 pm

I have a OS Kicker ZR240 for sale.

9/10 for minor cosmetic marks... the sink looks pretty good for being so old.
10/10 functionality (recently repaired with all new FET's)

Comes with highpass/lowpass module that has 80hz chips in it. I no longer can find the end caps, but might still have the manual and/or birth sheet here somewhere.

Looking to get $125 o.b.o. + shipping for this sweet OS AMP!!! Teammates of course will get a deal.

PM is key! Thanks.

Kicker ZR240 for sale Img_0140

Kicker ZR240 for sale Img_0141

Kicker ZR240 for sale Img_0142

Paul Bennett
Owner/Operator @ Deadly Sones Amp Repair
Kicker ZR240 for sale Mybanner4a8b03384ba5bKicker ZR240 for sale Cda7c418-2e85-4269-954f-a513e1dc5cec_zpsd3582ffa

Who needs to knock, when you have BASS!!
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Kicker ZR240 for sale
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