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 boxes built

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PostSubject: boxes built   11/4/2010, 3:11 pm

just did this for a buddy 2 12s 3.9 cubes at 34hz IIRC i made it on the smaller side because he will be over powering the subs a bit just a simple ported box

other randoms!
the last 6th order for 4 10s tuned to 29 hz... got reaaaalllll low!

2 12"s ABC box worked well.. but didnt play the lows very well.. which i what i wanted!

the first 6th order/ported box i did for 4 10 DCaudio level 3 with level 4 coil and an extra spider.. sounded realllly good and got uber low!

i usually forget to take pics while building boxes... but. ive built manyy boxes!
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boxes built
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